Transpersonal Arts therapy

What is Transpersonal Arts therapy?

Many people ask me what a Transpersonal arts therapist is and how it works and differs from other therapies out there. It can sometimes be hard to describe the magic that can happen in a session, below is a generalisation of what can take place and be explored in a session. I have personally trained in various other therapies which both support and inform the way in which I work.

Transpersonal is a term that describes different states of consciousness beyond the personal identity. It incorporates the spiritual and metaphysical into the worldly experience which can sometimes be beyond the ego’s understanding. The training I did, looks at the individual as a whole person including any religious and spiritual beliefs. This includes their creative, spiritual and social needs amongst the mental, physical and emotional needs. It takes a holistic view of the individual’s life with the soul and spirits wellbeing at the centre. It is anthroposophical based and incorporates working with different mediums to support the individual’s healing process.

A comment I often hear is ‘But I am not good at art!’ Honestly you don’t need an art background or to be an established artist. In transpersonal arts therapy, it is focussed more on the process than the completed image/creation. The completed image/creation can still be reflected upon if it is important to the individual. I come from more of a creative background. I still draw stick people (I absolutely love them!) and any art I do, is a creative expression through using the medium of paint or pastels etc. There are no expectations or judgement on the art making. In some of my sessions there is no art making, the session may involve talking through experiences or expression through movement, or the need for a silent space.

The focus is on what the process meant for you. What did you notice was going on in your thoughts, your physical body and your emotions? Where did an impulse come from? How integrated and connected do you feel? Are you one foot in the spirit world and one foot in the physical world? How do you feel your spirit is incarnating into your physical body? If you did do a painting or drawing, what does it mean to you? How does your soul want to express itself? These are a few of the questions/explorations that have arisen during a session.

I work with my client and look at how they experience and process energy. We look at how they reflect on what is happening or what they are experiencing. We look at meaning and purpose in life. What makes the individual happy? How can they hear the whispers of their soul? How can they develop a deeper connection with spirit? And some sessions are mostly silent, the exploration happens in the gift of giving oneself a space to just be and breathe with no expectations, questions or need to be Doing and learning to Be.

How it differs

One of the main differences from other therapies, is that an individual’s spiritual and/or religious beliefs are included. We do not only work on the level of the mind, or solely on the body, but rather take a holistic approach. There may be times where working with the mind is what someone needs and therefore therapies like CBT can be very beneficial. Or someone may have trauma stuck in their body and that’s their focus and therefore an embodiment practitioner would be very helpful. There are many ways transpersonal art therapy can be helpful for an individual, one of the most powerful experiences has been the exploration of self beyond the limited mind/ego.

I work mainly with trauma clients most of whom have been sexually abused. One of the gifts the training taught me was on Salutogenesis, the approach to wellness through focussing on health. It has informed my way of supporting the client in exploring their world and helping them strengthen their core self, as Deb Dana calls it their home away from home – their internal home. It helps to develop and grow one’s inner strengths, feel connected to their bodies and find a way to look after all areas of one’s life in a balanced and healthy way.

Through working with a transpersonal arts therapist, you can explore and strengthen your wellbeing, your soul life and spiritual self in a safe, gentle and non-invasive way. There are many different therapies out there and it’s important that you find the one that meets your needs and works for you.

Below are a few links/resources on today’s subject.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Much love

Aryana x

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