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Soul Plan Reading

A Soul Plan Reading helps you to understand your life, clear limiting beliefs and achieve your full potential. It is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose, guidance and healing that helps you discover your talents and understand and overcome those life challenges that can be getting in the way of you achieving yourtrue life purpose; that aligns with your Soul.
The empowerment and clarity provided at a deep level from a Soul Plan Reading is transformational and healing in itself. Your Soul Plan is like a map and compass guiding you in the direction of true fulfilment.
Soul Plan is a channelled system of soul direction analysis. It works on the unique sound vibration of your birth name and it is this vibration that interacts with that of the Universe to bring forth people, opportunities and situations to enable you to fulfil your Soul’s Plan. We go to the essence of your life purpose, describing your talents, karma and goals, and how to apply them in the earthly demands and spiritual calling of your life. It is based on a system of numerology that uses Hebrew glyphs and incorporates elements of the Hebrew alphabet, Kaballah and astrology.

This system was used in ancient times and is based on the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet and the six-pointed star, which has become known as the ‘Star of David’. In Hebrew, letters and numbers have the same sound and symbol. Hebrew is one of the five sacred languages from which all reality emanated, so the numbers were created in total purity.
An incarnating soul chooses what it will experience in order to grow, and the sound of the name given at birth creates the Soul Plan because sound is creative, as in all creation myths. This name carries the energy the soul will live; when the soul embodies, the Soul Plan is translated into a Karmic Matrix; the set of experiences at a physical and spiritual level that a soul sets out to experience in a lifetime.
A Soul Plan Reading is presented on a Star of David. The triangle pointing towards Earth represents the physical energies in a lifetime, and the one pointing upwards towards the Universe represents the spiritual energies. Each corner of a triangle contains a different aspect: karma, talents and goals.

As we move through life, all six aspects of the chart are running simultaneously. The physical triangle is usually predominant up to the age of 35 years. After that the spiritual triangle becomes more predominant. The sum total of these six aspects produces the seventh aspect, the Soul Destiny or Life Purpose, which is placed in the centre of the Star.

To obtain your reading, the name on your birth certificate is converted to Hebrew phonetically, letter by letter. In Hebrew there is no separation between consonants and vowels, numbers and letters are the same. The sequence of numbers is placed around the Star of David for each letter in turn, starting at the physical karma point, working around the star in a spiral as many times as needed. The numbers at each point are added up to get a total, which is read as two numbers, representing the polarity of life. The ancient energies of these Hebrew letters channel through during a Soul Plan reading.

When a soul incarnates and activates the Soul Plan for the lifetime, it creates a brand new personality that has to learn to function on the Earth plane. Between the ages of 35-42 years, the spiritual triangle starts to become more predominant and people often go through the most change and question what they are doing in their lives as they start to feel there’s got to be more to life than going to work, paying the mortgage and raising the kids. They may change careers, leave relationships, enter into relationships, some even change countries as they search for deeper meaning to their existence.

The birth chart is the dominant set of energies in a lifetime. The effects of a name change through marriage or adoption is an overlay of energies on the birth chart but doesn’t change the core essence of your life’s purpose.

Reasons for a Soul Plan

Looking for guidance, direction and support

Looking for clarity on your life purpose

Questioning life and what you are doing here

Atlantean & Shamanic Paddles

The Atlantean Paddles were channelled from 1984-86 through Frank Alper and are briefly described in the book ‘Exploring Atlantis’. They have been slowly reintroduced by Blue Marsden (Soul Plan), who felt it was the right time for these powerful tools to be used for healing once again. Currently there are only 20 practitioners around the world. 

The paddles are multi-dimensional shamanic wands that create portals in time and space, in order to create energetic shifts and mind/body/spirit healing.

The paddles combine magnetic energies with colour vibrations, focussed through universal geometrical shapes and are used  around the body and energetic field. They serve to balance many conditions with their geometric form and colour. They work alongside the chakra system, healing and balancing along the way. 

“The Paddles were used by the ancient Atlanteans, they combine the energy of magnetics and the frequencies of colour to create specific energy fields that align the chakras, balance chi meridians and remove possessions and serve as an excellent healing transfer agent.” Frank and Katharina Alper.

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