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About Transpersonal Counselling

The simplest way I can put the counselling I offer is: If you feel lost and are looking for a way to come home to your Self, I can help. I bring a range of tools from Psychotherapeutic counselling to Spiritual counselling, healing and Meditation to Tai chi and yoga to help bring your Body, Mind and Soul into Harmony. When we move away from our Self we become anxious, the further away we move the more anxious and depressed we become. I help people find ways to come home to their Self.

Individuals who want to develop a deeper connection with their hearts and with others come to see me. I help them open their heart space in a gentle but powerful way, transforming the barriers, walls
and doors they have created within to keep others away when all they really want is a deep connection with another.

About Intuitive Reading

Since a youngster I have explored and been interested in the mystical path, and in most recent years developing a deeper Trust with the Feminine Path I walk upon. My clients are those seeking
guidance or comfort from a loved one who has passed on, a Spirit Guide or their next teacher to guide them along their path.

Working with Spirit, I tune into Universal energy and trust that the information which comes through for the beautiful Soul in front of me is for their Highest good. Deep energetic blocks are released
during the process, which have been in the way of one fulfilling their Highest potential.

Spirits work in mysterious ways and the process is one of trust. Transformational change can take place very quickly when the client is ready. My clients leave with tools to help them hear their own inner wisdom and guidance.

About Soul Transformational Therapy

Soul transformation Therapy is a new and complete therapy system. It addresses all the issues that someone would approach a coach or therapist with and is particularly beneficial for those also interested in Spiritual growth and Personal development. Created by Blue Marsden, the healing method uses 22 Soul Transformation Tarot style cards to identify and diagnose your deeper ‘core issue’, the root cause of the challenge or block you may experiencing. One of several cutting edge key healing interventions are then
used to clear the core issue.

After discussing your presenting symptoms the Soul Transformation cards and symbols identify first the polarity pattern (all issues occur due to a state of duality e.g.slavery/mastery, war/peace, beauty/ugliness). We then delvedeeper into the story before another card is picked to identify the specific challenge issue which is blocking one from fully connecting with their full potential. These challenge issues known as separation patterns can range form specific types of trauma, grudges, limiting beliefs, energetic imbalances, ancestral patterns and many more.

Healing Interventions such as; Tree of life, soul retrieval, Energy psychology/dynamic energy healing methods, Archetype Integration work, Trauma release, Forgiveness work or Odic Bonding are used to release and transform the blockages.

At the end of the session a 'Soul Plan future reading' is then carried out to
determine what has been healed and released, what we can do to expand on the healing and the new future opportunities and gifts that have opened as a result of the healing that has taken place.

Having trained in and also experienced this therapy myself I know it to be truly powerful, transformational and amazingly accurate. I have personally released many major blocks and now have a deeper connection to my soul and intuition. The insights and knowledge I have gained have been priceless,. It is with wisdom and understanding we grow and this method allows you to experience an expanding sense of freedom and confidence whilst having a still and peaceful love filled heart

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