Hello! I’m Aryana

I am a licensed therapist

I am a Therapeutic Arts Practitioner specialising in Intuitive Counselling and Meditation. I am currently completing a Masters equivalent in Transpersonal Arts in Therapy at Tobias School of Art & Therapy in East Grinstead. 

My clients range from individuals who have experienced deep trauma including suicidal ideation to those on their spiritual paths. I help individuals to explore their biographies and address unconscious beliefs, patterns and conditioning, which prohibit them from living a wholesome life. My clients seek answers and change, I help them discover and develop a strong connection with their own Inner guidance. I also run Tai Chi Gong and Meditation classes for individuals, groups and companies.

I believe we all have the medicine we need inside ourselves. The incarnation process can be difficult for those who have experienced trauma making it challenging to want to be here on Earth, something I have experienced myself. My own journey of transforming my pain has led me to train in various therapies and develop a range of ‘tools’, which I don’t only use in my practice, but share with clients so they leave the sessions feeling empowered. 

‘If we’ve lost ourself, we can find ourself’

If you want to come back home to yourself and are ready to explore and make changes in your life, CLICK HERE to contact me.



My Approach & Values

I integrate Psychotherapeutic counselling with holistic based therapies. My vast tool belt ranges from traditional psychotherapy to meditation and healing to Chi Gung and Art based practices. I am in the process of completing my training as a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor (City&Guilds Level 7 Award MGCI).  I have travelled and explored many indigenous, ancient Indian and shamanic practices and incorporate these into my practices,
No two clients are the same and so it is important to be able to provide therapy that suits the individual’s needs. My Integrative training means I can connect with the individual and provide them with the support, healing and guidance they need. I draw on the client’s need to be
witnessed and heard and provides a safe place to do this. I value autonomy and living in an empowered way and am passionate about others living fully in their power. I have a gentle but powerful way of guiding my clients through their process to a place of healing and integration. My clients leave having reached a deeper understanding of what is happening within their mind, body and spirit.
I have worked as an addiction counsellor and as a Spiritual counsellor guiding those on their Self development path. I have run Chi Gung and mindfulness classes for the NHS including the Mental Health Ward and run classes online for corporate companies.